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2023 Calendar and Shooting Records downloads.

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Downloadable copies of the CRPC 2023 club calendar and 2023 Shooting Records Form have been added to the "Calendar" page of the website.

As per Pat's email on 1/1/23, the club requires every member to fill out a form whether you are a FAC holder or not. Blank Paper versions of the sheet can be found on the desk in the club in two white ring binders... one for FAC holders and one for Non FAC holders.

You can also fill out the spread sheet from home and mail it to Pat @

Please note that if you wish to fill out your shooting records from home, you'll need to send you copy every few months so Pat can keep the club records up to date. Please don't leave it all until the end of the year.

If you are unsure how the form needs to be filled out, just ask myself, Pat, Colin, Luke or Shaun to run you through it.

Click on the button below to take you to the Calendar page.

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