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Beginners Night Date Changes

Please note that from May, some Beginners Nights are now allocated to support the young shooters at our local Pony Clubs and will be closed to our regular members and visitors. 

2024 Dates will be as follows :

7th May Pony Club

21st May Pony Club

4th June Beginners Night

18th June Beginners Night

2nd July Pony Club

16th July Pony Club

6th August Beginners Night

20th August Beginners Night

3rd September Pony Club

17th September Pony Club

1st October Beginners Night

15th October Beginners Night 

5th November Pony Club

19th November Pony Club

3rd December Beginners Night

17th December Beginners Night

7th January Pony Club

21st January Pony Club 

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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