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Bisley update

Hello all. My first ever online blog, so fingers crossed it all comes out ok.

Though the covid rules are relaxing/changing the NRA is still keeping to 2 shooters per lane (lanes are 3m wide), so we must not exceed this.

Shoots will continue to be squadded, and it is asked that shooters are ready to start their detail as soon as it's their turn, so that we can optimise range time.

Now that the majority of Bisley shooters (and CRPC members) have signed up to the website can you please try to unilise the website for Bisley bookings (I will of course still accept email bookings, and ammunition requests will still be over email).

Remaining shoots for the year (accurate at the time of posting):

Saturday 31st July 600 yards Confirmed

Saturday 21st August 1000 yards Confirmed

Sunday 19th September 200 yards Confirmed Self Marking

Saturday 16th October 600 yards CANCELLED Due to availability - I have made a request for electronic targets at same distance - Request is pending

Saturday 20th November 300 yards Confirmed

Saturday 18th December Butt Zero Request pending 1st choice

Saturday 18th December 100 yards Confirmed Back up shoot

New Bisley shooters/shooters without their own kit:

Shooters may/will soon be allowed to borrow club kit, but when this is in place, there will be a quarentine period between shooters (sanitising a wooden stock which someone else has been breathing over is not a viable option at this time). This creates a bottle neck with both rifle availability and new shooters getting (re)trained in both scoped and iron sighted rifles (club requirement).

Getting new/returning shooters shooting is something both myself and the club are looking into, but for the time being the Bisley shoots are not there yet.

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