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Congratulations Darren !!

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Darren Cartwright, our current Club Lightweight Sporting Rifle* and Gallery Centerfire Champion, has taken Second Place in Class B LSR Timed at the NSRA Eley Nationals.

As a result Darren has been promoted a division and will be competing again this year in Class A. We all wish you the best !

What is Lightweight Sporting Rifle ????

LSR is one of the most popular disciplines shot @ Chinnor. It uses a lightweight rifle of no more than 4.5kg in weight, with either semi-automatic or single shot bolt actions . Sights can be iron or telescopic, dependent on the competition to be shot. Specialist clothing or equipment such as jackets or slings are not permitted, but a glove can be used for the supporting hand if desired. In the case of Darren's competition shooting details are to be completed within a set time

The current National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) Gallery Rifle & Pistol Committee definition for LSR can be summarised as follows.


  • Calibre: Up to .22" rimfire (smallbore) or .177".

  • Overall weight: NO MORE than 4.5kg with all kit included (e.g. scope sight).

  • Trigger pull must be above the minimum of 500g (1.1lbs), no hair triggers.

  • Magazine fed firearms are allowed

  • Sights: Any except laser.

Not allowed:

  • Butt hooks and palm rests.

  • Shooting gloves that provide additional support.

  • Slings.

If you would like to get involved in Sporting Rifle , please talk to Our Sporting Rifle Captain, Keith or find out more about the NSRA, speak with our Pistol Captain, Clive.

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