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Good News...... (from Pat, our Club Secretary)

Hi Everyone

Some cheerful news in that as from Monday 13th September, we are going back to pre covid rule, in that you do not need to book a lane, just come down as you did before covid; however, we the committee, have a Duty of Care to our members and with that in mind, you will have your temperature checked when you arrive and you must wear either a mask or a shield whilst in the club, unless you are at the firing point, also please use the hand sanitisers, (club room, gun room and at the firing points. Plus, you will now need to have your own ear-muffs but they are cheap and are available at Blanchfords/Builders Merchants/hard-wear stores etcetera for less than £10.

Obviously, please do not come down if you are feeling unwell or have a temperature and please notify myself if you have been down and subsequently get covid. Thankfully, to my knowledge and I hope that I am right, none of our members have had covid and nearly everyone has had one or both of the vaccinations.

Please note: We have had a Mag-Lock fitted to the door, so when you come to the door, there is a little black box just before the door with three LED's showing, if we see you there or you ring the doorbell, we will release the lock, you should then hear a little click and the green light only will be lit up and you will be able to open the door.

Please give me a call on 01844 351347 or 07796 838785 if you have any queries or concerns.

Hopefully, we will see most of you soon.

Kind regards


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