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Imperial Historic Arms Meeting @ Bisley

By Shawn Twomey

With the easing of rules, competitions are back in full swing (though with spacing between shooters, so some restrictions on numbers – Not that that’s an issue with historic disciplines). Chinnor had two shooters enter the Historic section of the Imperial meeting (6 week NRA competition).

Sadly this is an under entered event so (N.M) is no medal received due to numbers: 7 shooters needed for 2nd place to be awarded. 12 shooters needed for 3rd place to be awarded.

Iain entered 6 matches and was placed in the top 3 in 3 of them. I submitted scores for 14 matches and had 10 placings in the top 3, though only 5 medals awarded due to numbers. Either way, CRPC members walked away with 7x medals. On a personal note, it was nice to see another CRPC member participating in/supporting our sport.

Results as follows:

Category Competition Distance Name/ Placing

VETERAN Service rifle 200y Rapid Iain Robertson 1st

CLASSIC Service rifle 200y Prone Iain Robertson 3rd

GALLERY Smoothbore Flintlock 25m Shaun Twomey 1st

GALLERY Precision M/L Pistol 50m Shaun Twomey 1st

GALLERY Centerfire Underlever Advancing Shaun Twomey 1st

GALLERY Target Pistol 25m Shaun Twomey 1st

GALLERY Rimfire Slowfire 25m Shaun Twomey 2nd

GALLERY Duelling Flintlock 25m Shaun Twomey 2nd (N.M)

GALLERY Duelling Pistol 25m Shaun Twomey 2nd (N.M)

GALLERY Rimfire Precision 50m Shaun Twomey 3rd (N.M)

VETERAN Service rifle Running Deer Shaun Twomey 2nd (N.M)

VETERAN Service rifle 200y Standing Shaun Twomey 2nd (N.M)

OPEN Military Miniature 200y Prone Iain Robertson 3rd (N.M)

VETERAN (1919-1945) CLASSIC (Pre 1919)

OPEN (Pre 1961 design) GALLERY (Pre 1961 design)

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