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Muzzle Loading Association World Championships _ Shaun Twomey GB Pistol Captain

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

By Pat Twomey.........

Hi Everyone

Most of you will probably know that my son Shaun does a lot of competitive shooting but you may not know that he was recently made the MLAGB Pistol Captain (Muzzle Loading Association GB). He also recently went to Germany to represent GB, in the MLAIC World Championship: Pforzheim, Germany.

I know that a few members followed Shaun on face-book but I for one do not use it but thought that you might like to know how well he done, his scores were:

25 m

Flintlock pistol (repro). Score 84. Placed 23rd/63

Percussion pistol (repro). Score 94. Placed 13th/99. Personal International best and top GB shooter.

Matchlock pistol (repro). Score 77. Placed 40th/50

Revolver (repro). Score 89. Placed 59th/122.

Revolver (original). Score 88. Placed 30th/96.

50 m

Revolver (repro). Score 79. Placed 12th/75. Personal best and top GB shooter.

Flintlock rifle (repro). Score 88. Placed 27th/49. Personal best.


Revolver (repro). Score 168. Placed 18th/69. Top GB scorer.

Kind regards

One very proud Dad

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