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National Rifle Association July Update

GR&P Imperial Meeting

Wednesday 14th - Sunday 18th July

Anyone who has pre-entered can go straight to Melville to collect their scorecard pack.

Any new entrants will need to go to the Main NRA Reception to make your entry - there will be no on Range payments

The GR&P Imperial Meeting consists of two distinct types of events:

Unlimited Matches: Available on each day of the Meeting, these events offer unlimited re-shoots for £4.90 per entry. You can pre-book your ticket or turn up on the day.

  • Advancing Target

  • America Match

  • 50 metres Free Gallery Rifle/Pistol

  • Granet

  • Service Medals (Multi Target)

  • Police Medals (Timed and Precision 1)

  • Scott (25m Precision)

  • Silhouettes

For the unlimited events we will be issuing tickets similar to those used for Speed Steels or McQueen Events, for you to then redeem on range. Any unused tickets can be refunded at the end of the Meeting.The Grand Aggregate is offered for GRCF, GRSB, LBP, LBR and MLP/MLR.

Prizes are offered for all Medal matches. A larger NRA Gold Medal will be awarded to the competitor whose two best scores make up the highest aggregate in most events.

All other competitors whose scores fall within the appropriate parameters may purchase the appropriate medals at cost.

Trophy Matches: These competitions are squadded over the Saturday and Sunday, so it is advisable to pre-book if possible to ensure range space.

  • The Cotterill Trophy (Air Pistol)

  • The Gallery Rifle Match (GRCF)

  • The Granet Cup (GRCF)

  • The Gallery Rifle Smallbore/Lightweight Sporting Rifle Match (GRSB)

  • The Timed and Precision 1 (T&P1) [The Police] Match (GRCF)

  • The Scott Cup (GRCF)

  • The Multi Target (M-T) [The Service] Match (GRCF)

  • The Silhouettes Cup (GRCF)

The Phoenix Meeting 2022

Following the recent survey we are pleased to announce the dates for the Phoenix Meeting 2022 will be Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th May 2022.

Overall, 64% of respondents preferred the May weekend, with many commenting on the need to keep the Platinum Jubilee weekend clear for family celebrations and participation in local and community events.

Phoenix 2022 also coincides with the IGRF Gallery Rifle World Championships and we look forward to welcoming a large international contingent.

Following a review of the Meeting we have decided to extend the competition to four days, from Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 May. Details to follow later in the year. For now, please save the date!

Thank you for your support

NRA Competitions TeamCopyright © 2021 National Rifle Association, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this email because you have previously entered a GR&P, TS or Classic & Historics event at Bisley.

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