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ORA News... from Shaun

Following on from a Fullbore Committee Meeting last Monday night, there are a number of changes which will have to be incorporated into our Fullbore Programme, and I wished to get this notified to all as soon as able.

As some of you who shot last weekend are aware, Badgers have been up to no good in the Left Hand Side of the Stop Butt, consequently Targets 1-3 are closed off for use for the time being. This has resulted in only 5 Targets being available and once again I am sorry for those who had to be cancelled at the last minute last week.

As well as Badgers, we have the DIO limits on people on the range as well as the maximum of 2 Shooters per Target. Consequently, if we are to have any form of competitions for Trophies and Awards this Summer, we will need to make some changes to try and provide the best outcome for all.

Otmoor Shoot 3rd July

This was going to originally be the Summer Meeting over 3 distances for all classes. In normal times we could have accommodated 36 Shooters at least for this day. As the full unlocking has been delayed as announced last Monday night, we will have to base the maximum number of Shooters at this event to the 20 as it is also unlikely the Badger issue will have been sorted by then.

This will now be the Service Rifle Competition for the 1900 Cup (iron sights) and Tom Boughen Trophy (scoped) as the numbers are likely to fit well with available places. We will also have a secondary list for non SR shooters wishing to have a days shooting if places are not taken up. The Invitation for this will be coming out shortly.

Otmoor Shoot 7th August

It is not just the Badgers but other factors we have had to contend with, the RSPB have taken over running a large section of the Danger area and will be using the first 2 weeks of August to build scrapes to enhance wetland environment etc. and consequently the Range will be closed for that period of time.

This will be no simple task as the area used to be a bombing practise range so they will have to be accompanied by Bomb Disposal ! We have been assured that we can have Saturday 14th August as an alternative so please note accordingly. As by then we will hopefully be Badger free and restriction free we agreed to move the Summer Meeting (3 distances) to this date. Should there be any restrictions then we would open this up to TR and F Class initially as SR will have had their dedicated day already. If we are back operating to normal then I would hope it would be just like Summer meetings of previous years.

Bisley Shoot – Long Range

Jeremy has been trying to get a LR date at Bisley since last October and has had absolutely no joy whatsoever. It is highly likely we may have to move this to a Friday if we are to make this work. We are continuing to explore all avenues and will keep you all updated.

Otmoor Shoot 2nd October

Hopefully…… we can have this as our usual Autumn Meeting.

Sorry to have to change dates and formats but please appreciate we are not just dealing with Covid but also other restrictions and limitations that are curtailing our activities also. We will try and ensure that we can get as many people shooting on our fantastic County Range as possible and have some good competition.

Invitations for the 3rd July will be going out to all shortly.

James Privett

ORA Fullbore Secretary

Mobile: 07971 165520

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