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Pistol Shooters....

From Pat....

Do you shoot pistol ??? Then why not shoot the leagues.......especially as you are at the club shooting anyway...

Would you like to shoot in the Oxfordshire Rifle Association postal Pistol League this Winter ?

If yes, then there is a 10mt Air Pistol league which consists of 10 Rounds (a round is 4 x 5 shots). There is also a 20yd Air Pistol / .22lr Pistol league too which also consists of 10 Rounds (each round 2 x 10 shots).

If you shot in the Summer 2022 league that average will be used but, if you only shot the 10mt and now want to shoot the 20yd, you will need shot cards for an average for 20yds.If you are a new competitor, we will need shot cards for averages, at least 6 x10 shotsEntries in by the 6th December to Luke, Pat or Colin. It is basically one round a fortnight so you can shoot more than one round in an evening so why not join in !!!!!

All of the cards are shot at the club so you do not have to go anywhere else and the divisions are broken down by averages, with the top six shooters in division one, the next six in division two etcetera. If you are interested, please say something to Luke, Colin, Shaun, Bob or myself and we can show you the scores which are on the wall, so that you can see that you will be competing against people with a similar score.  It is also nice to have a reason for shooting rather than just having a plink.

Hoping to see all our pistol shooters joining in the leagues.

Kind regards


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