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The Imperial Historic Arms Meeting

I know most of you have little to no interest in competitions but I would like to highlight this one to you all, The Imperial Historic Arms Meeting.

The reason that I mention it is how many of you have service/historic rifles, be it WW1/WW2/other, and that the comps are not just precision

This is DESIGN/style, not manufacture. So, gallery can be underlevers with iron sights and no hooked butt plates, etc.

Some examples:

Running deer - Moving target, deer shaped, 100 yards standing - Comp 615 = Any military rifle under 9.5mm. I used my No4 last year. Shot abysmally, but was great fun and something I hadn't shot before.

200 yards standing - Obvious what the course of fire is - Comp 510 = Veteran (WW2) service rifle Comp 414 = Classic (WW1) service rifle When did you last shoot 200 yards standing up?

200 yards rapid - Basically the manic minute :D - 540 or 541 are both for service rifles.

For those of you with muzzle loaders (including the Nitro ones)

25m Bobber - Turning targets, 5 seconds exposure - Comp 862 = Standard ML revolver Comp 861 = Nitro ML revolvers can be used.

25m Dueling - Turning targets, 3 second exposure - Comp 851 = Flintlock pistol Comp 852 = Single shot percussion pistol.

Competition handbook is attached. Have a look through it. I will be there both days (I have entered 15 comps) should you not want to "go on your own". Entry is through the NRA website.

Enter 6 or more comps = 10% discount

Enter 12 or more comps = 20% discount

First NRA comp = 30% discount

Under 25 = 40% discount

I won't pretend to have all the answers, but if you are interested and have questions please ask.


Download PDF • 2.30MB

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