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Upcoming Bisley info

Hi all

Remaining shoots: Saturday 30th October                  AM        600y Saturday 20th November              AM        300y Saturday 27th November              All Day  Club internal competition Saturday 18th December AM Butt Zero confirmed!! 😃 Shooters MUST have a competency card for the club comp and butt zero shoots. Club internal competition: AM – 300y – Electronic targets PM – 600y – Electronic targets F-Class, Service rifle, Target rifle.  Entry form attached.

Entries to be returned before Friday 19th November!

December – Butt zero  Club fun comp/Xmas shoot for the NRA medal, I am leaning towards any fullbore rifle, but with a maximum loaded mag capacity of either 5 or 10 rounds, in the interest of being inclusive/fair. Course of fire as per link: Modifications being paper target as we do not have suitable steel targets.  If anyone has any sensible (10-20KG) kettlebells/dumbbells/weight plates that we could use then please let me know ASAP. Maybe some form of bonus for fancy dress (see man at 19 mins in video)? Distance of run reduced/distance head start depending on quality/difficulty of costume.  Distance to be decided by those attending. ***We will have the barricades on the left hand bay (any calibre) and I am trying for the bianchi plates (gallery calibres only) on the right hand bay, though unlikely to be successful with this – But I am trying. Should be fun either way! Shaun Twomey


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