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  • What is the minimum age to shoot at the club ?
    The minimum age to shoot at the club is 10 years old. There are also minimum age restrictions to shoot certain firearms.
  • How much does it cost to get started shooting at CRPC ?
    Costs can vary greatly depending on what you would like to do and how often you would like to do it. Membership Fees. Adult yearly fees are £93.50 for adult, £83.50 for Seniors and £26.50 for Juniors. A family membership is £143 and offers great value for money. Range Fees and Club Equipment The club charges members a weekly range fee for shooting at the club. This covers the cost of targets, equipment and maintenance etc. This is £4.50 for adults and £2.50 for Juniors and covers as many visits to the club you like during that week. If you don't come to the club on any week, you don't pay. Shooting. A club member can buy a tin of 500 pellets for £5 and use the club air rifles and pistols, making a very affordable way to shoot. Costs start to increase if you shoot firearms. A pack of fifty x .22LR rounds can cost as little as £4.35 and a pack of fifty x .38sp rounds will costs £15. On average you could expect to shoot around 40 to 60 rounds (shots) or more every time you visit the club. If you wish to shoot bigger distances at Bisley with the club, costs can be significantly higher. An individuals range fee for Bisley is £20 per shoot and with larger rifle calibres such as .303British and .308win costing £15 to £20 for 20 rounds, an individual can expect to pay a minimum of around £35 to £50 per shoot. Again, the use of club rifles and equipment is covered in the range fee.
  • Do I need my own equipment ?
    The club has Air Pistols, Air Rifles, Firearms and Protective equipment that any member can use and the costs for which are covered in the Range Fee. Ammunition and pellets are sold at the club and we will look after any unused ammunition or pellets for you until your next visit.
  • Can I come to the club to see what goes on before I decide to join ?
    You can make an appointment to come and have a look around on one of our shooting evenings. You can also come to shoot at the club 3 times as a visitor on our beginners evenings to see if you want to join. The first visit is by appointment only as it involves a safety induction. Click here to send an enquiry.
  • Do you offer one to one tuition ?
    At present we do not offer one to one coaching, but we do run training evenings for members to attend. There is also a wealth of experienced shooters at the club, who will assist you in improving your shooting skills whenever possible.
  • Do you support Duke of Edinburgh scheme ?
    Yes, the club is very passionate about supporting young shooters. The club offers D of E students Bronze, Silver and Gold club memberships which allows them full access to the club's facilities.
  • Are you open during the day ?
    The club does not open during the day at present, but this is under review and we are looking into making the club available to club members during the day. Our main shooting nights are Wednesdays evenings for Gallery and Sporting rifle and Thursdays Evening for Prone. The club also opens on other nights for different disciplines and training. Evening shoots all start at 7pm.
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