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Bisley in 2023 - PLEASE READ

By Shaun Twomey

Hello ladies and gents

Download PPTX • 931KB

Bisley have sent out a document to all NRA members - Please it attached and please read pages 12, 17, 19 & 24.

If you attend regularly/think that being fully aware is important, please read the whole document or at least pages 29 onwards. It really doesn’t make long.

It's not on the document as it is not something that the NRA has changed/reviewed, but theNRA expect shooters to attend 3 shoots per year or to enter a competition to retain their competency card.

You all know that I try and run the Chinnor fullbore section as casually as possible, but please be mindful of "have I shot enough this year to be competent?" or "Do I know my zeros for each distance with each gun?".

Also, please remember the three most important things in shooting.....Safety: Safe kit, Safe range, Safe shooter.

If you haven't hit the target for 4 consecutive shots, but your first shot was a 4; Should you be continuing or re-zeroing? Likewise, does it take you 3 shots to hit paper - Should you have better notes of where your guns shoot?

It can only take one unsafe act to get CRPC/it's members banned from Bisley/other MOD ranges.

We're a friendly club and I think that that is one of our successes, but please don't allow a relaxed environment to breed complacency. In our sport, mistakes can kill.

On a cheerier note. Thank you for your feedback on the CRPC calendar and the NRA markers situation. Taking your comments into account, we are in short staying as we are.

I/the club will look at doing some training early next year for those who want it.

While on the topic of training, the NRA will be adding reloading to the SSC/competency card. The committee has discussed this, but are currently awaiting the NRA to publish their guidance. If you reload you may need to attend/sign something before being allowed to shoot home loaded ammunition with us. We are still looking into what this will realistically look like.

Finally......Please see next years provisional calendar - I will do my best to keep you updated, but please expect 2-3 changes in dates/distances especially Feb-April.

CRPC Fullbore dates for 2023

Sat 21st Jan 300 2 lanes with markers

Sat 18th Feb 600 2 lanes with markers

Sun 26th Mar 200 Self marking – Club .22lr friendly match & I have asked to be allowed to shoot fullbore standing (200y standing is good fun). *200y isn’t always available so date may change.

Sat 15th Apr 1000 2 lanes with markers

Sat 30th May 300 2 lanes with markers

Sat 17th Jun 600 2 lanes with markers

Sat 1st Jul 1000 2 lanes with markers

Sat 26th Aug 600 2 lanes with markers

Sun 10th Sep 300 AM CRPC internal comp – 2 Electronic targets

Sun 10th Sep 600 PM CRPC internal comp – 2 Electronic targets

Sun 24th Sep 1000 2 lanes with markers

Sat 14th Oct 600 2 lanes with markers

Sun 12th Nov 300 2 lanes with markers

Sat 16th Dec Butt Zero – Thinking about running a “practical” style shoot.

ORA Fulbore dates – I only know the dates at this time, but there will be 2x 400/500/600 yard shoots, a 200y historic shoot (including the Wright cup – .22lr teams of 4) and 1x 400/500/600 for historics.

Sat 1st Jun Unknown format

Sun 2nd Jul Unknown format

Sat 2nd Sep Unknown format

Sat 7th Oct Unknown format

Other dates of note:

25-26 Mar Spring Action Weekend

13-14 May MLAGB Rapid fire pistol (Wedgnock)

25-28 May Phoenix meeting

8-9 July Imperial Historic Arms Meeting

19-20 Aug MLAGB Rapid fire pistol (Wedgnock)

18-20 Aug Cottesloe Heath Challenge (Largest practical shotgun match in the UK)

2-3 Sep Gallery Rifle National Championships

21-22 Oct Trafalgar meeting

28-29 Oct Autumn Action Weekend

Hope that you are all keeping well.


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