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Getting Back Into Shooting

ORA LWSR Championships -

GR_2022 LWSR
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Regrettably neither myself, Alan Prior or Kim Prior can attend this. It's a shoulder to shoulder competition at the Wantage R&PC.

It's a great way to get the feel of a competition without any of the pressures and/or get the experience of shooting on a different range (5 lane indoor range - You should feel right at home).

You will need your own rifles/equipment, and you will need to let me know if you'd like to enter ASAP.

Sorry I have been a little slow in sending out.

Phoenix Postal Leagues - Each disciple involves 9 rounds. First 5 to be shot by a certain date, Remaining 4 to be shot at a later date.

Precision: GRCF (centrefire/.32-.45 calibre), GRSB (.22lr), LBP (.22lr), LBR (any calibre). 1 round = 20 shots

Muzzle Loading Revolver, Muzzle loading Percussion Pistol.

1 round = 12 shots, best 10 to count

Timed and Precision: 1 round = 12 shots in 2 minutes @25m, followed by 12 shots (2 strings of 6) shot @15m on turning targets (5 sec away, 2 sec facing) 1 shot per 2 second exposure. 24 rounds.

GRCF (centrefire/.32-.45 calibre), GRSB (.22lr), LBP (.22lr), LBR (any calibre).

Standard : 1 round = 5 shots in 150s, shot Twice. 5 shots in 20s, shot Twice. 5 shots in 10s, shot Twice. 30 rounds.


T&P and Standard - depending on numbers; hopefully a separate date for the comps will be arranged. However if entries are low they will need to be shot on the rapid fire Mondays.

Any questions, I will be down the club on Wednesday or at Bisley on Sunday. Alternatively you can contact me at:


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